Young Marble Giants
24 great YMG covers

Of course many beautiful YMG covers have already been released on the Stuart Moxham tribute CD "In the Straight World" from 2016:

And don't forget the great YMG tribute night in New York in 2015.

But these 23 YMG covers are also beautiful. The covers are in random order.



01. Wurlitzer Jukebox - Coba-U
Coba-U CD single:Coba-U PUNK
Japan, 2012
02. Brand New Life - The Pines
The Pines CD: It's Been A While
Matinée Recordings, US, 2007
03. N.I.T.A. - Versus
B-side 7"single
"Big Head On" US, 1995
04. Colossal Youth -Peru Peru
Cassette" Play It Loudly,
PIL014, France, 2014.
05. Alice dans La Lune - Nicola Sirkis
Nicola Sirkis CD:Dans La Lune
Label: T.Rock, Canada, 1992
06. Magnetic Fields - The Man Amplifier
Magnetic Fields B-side 7" Why I Cry
Motorway Records Japan 1995.
07. Eating Noddemix - Action Biker
Various CD: Are You Scared To Get Happy?
Friendly Noise, Sweden, 2006
08. Posed by Model - Duncan and the Ex-Teens
Duncan and the Ex-Teens on Bandcamp: "Instrumental Covers" Scotland,2011
09. Final Day - Julie Gayet
Cinématraque: Entretien avec Julie Gayet - Cinématraque, France, 2013
10. Searching For Mr Right - Neon Neon
Neon Neon B-side Promotional CDrom single: "Dream Cars" Lex Records, UK, 2008
11. Credit in the Straight World - Ssion
Ssion CD: Bent,
Dovecote Records, US, 2012
12. Final Day - Galaxie 500
Galaxie 500 CD: Peel Sessions (1990)
Label: 20|20|20, US, 2005
13. Eating Noddemix - Adam Green
Various CD:Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. Rough Trade, UK, 2003
14. Wurlitzer Jukebox - Grisbi (Live)
YouTube video Live at "Ca part en live",
France 18/12/2008.
15. Cake Walking - Barbara Manning
Barbara Manning CD:Under One Roof: Singles And Oddities. Innerstate Records, US,2007
16. Wurlitzer Jukebox - Pet
CD: Rewind The Sofa Lady
Grönland Records, UK, 2006
17. Brand New Life - Toys Went Berserk

A-side 7"single, Aberrant Records
Australia, 1991.

18. Salad days - Drunken boat
Drunken Boat 5 track CD "New Pop"
First Warning Records, US,1991

NN.I.T.A (Disco edit)- PET

.And this is the videoclip

.   The Berlin based band PET made
this remix on Soundcloud (2014)
.20. Salad Days - Chris & Carla
Chris & Carla CD: Fly High Brave Dreamers
Glitterhouse Records, Germany, 2007

.21. Salad Dayss - Linda Smith
"Salad Days" by Linda Marie Smith from her NEW cassette (May 2023).
Click here for more 2024 info


.22. Brand New Lifes - Stella
YouTube video Live at Tranzac, Toronto
(August 2023)



.23. Posed by Modelss - João Neves (guitar)and João C.Costa(bass)
YouTube video recording at the
Black Cat studio (2023)


.24. s N.I.T.A. - Eerie Wanda
YouTube video recording from
this Dutch band




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