Stuart on Facebook (20/08/2022)

I have bought back my beloved Rickenbacker 425, which I was obliged to sell in 1983, from a kind gentleman who lives near Chester, hence the two-day journey from Dorset. When I sold this instrument, on which I wrote, recorded and played all the Young Marble Giants and early The G!st material, I was so despondent - but I painted my name under the truss rod cover, just in case I ever saw it again. (They are extremely rare here.) It turns out that in the year I finally left Cardiff, 1986, it was bought by the man who reunited me with it today - for a good price - because he felt it would be a poetic act.

<< Stuart with The Gist live in London august 1983






Stuart on Facebook (21/08/2022)
Ok, so it seems like I have my two essential geetars now: the prodigal Rickenbacker electric and the Martin acoustic which was gifted me by my old best mate Kenneth Brake shortly before he went back to the other place.




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