By Jos van Vliet


A special Alison Statton Tribute evening took place at the Wales Millennium Center in Cardiff on October 12, 2023. Alison Statton's music (particularly the Young Marble Giants songs and Weekend songs) was performed by students from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.
After this unique evening, nothing could be found on the internet. So it was time to create this page Unfortunately no photos or videos were taken so I approached singer Stevie Noble with the following questions..


How did you get the idea for this Alison Statton project?

I was approached through the music college I attend (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) by the head of the jazz department, Paula Gardiner. The Wales Millennium Centre were looking for an arranger and a band to re-work the music of Cardiff post-punk legend Alison Statton into a 'jazz' format. I was immediately very excited to delve deep into Statton's discography, particularly looking at her work with Young Marble Giants and Weekend.

Did you get any nice reactions after this tribute concert?

I spoke to Alison herself after the gig, which was such a wonderful experience. It was nerve-wracking to encounter the person behind the music I'd been immersing myself in for many months. I'm sure the music was deeply personal to her, and I was nervous to know whether she enjoyed my take on it! She was lovely, and seemed to have enjoyed that the event had taken place and that we had re-invented her music under a new lens..


On October 31, 2023, Alison Statton was a guest on the podcast "Heads on Sticks" and Alison spoke highly about this Tribute evening.

Click here to listen to this part of the podcast.


I wish the musicians Sylvie Noble, Coren Sithers, Dan Edgecombe, Nils Kavanagh, Ursula Harrison and Tom Williams good luck with their studies.


If there are any video recordings of this concert, please let me know!.



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