On this page you will find the musical projects Phil and Drew have worked on. Of course they also worked on Stuart's solo projects (such as the Gist and Tree). And also to solo projects of Alison (such as weekend). Here you can also find several demos from the eighties in which Drew and Phil cooperated.


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Phil with Weekend,Paradiso,Amsterdam,5-2-1983



The Irascibles  
The Irascibles is the most recent band with Philip & Drew Moxham. They made the record "Blues is calling"in 2018.

The Irascibles- 'Live' at Nosda
Despenser Street 53,Cardiff (25-04-2015)
The Irascibles first single Gasoline





Although The Irascibles are a'new'band there is no escaping the importance that history plays in their story. Both in terms of their own history, but also the influence that musical forms such as Delta Blues and World Music have had upon them.  

The band consist of Phil & Drew Moxham and singer Nick Lewis.

“The three of us played together since 2001 and we hit on things and there were sparks. Our music is crossed with British beat music, post punk and delta blues. Phil & Drew are aficionados of African & Cuban music. We are trying to get a blend of that. We are beginning to get our own ‘groove’. We want to be a really good British beat group and as a 3 piece there is a tension that you just don’t get with bigger line ups. The Irascibles are growing and developing a unique sound that is the culmination of the lifetime work, experience and inspiration of three gifted musicians."



David Thomas & The Pedestrians
"The Sound Of The Sand And Other Songs Of The Pedestrian" (1981)

the pedestrians

"The Sound Of The Sand And Other Songs Of The Pedestrian"
The first solo album of Pere Ubu’s frontman David Thomas.

"If you could choose any guitarist ever for a solo album, who would it be?" Richard Thompson was the answer. I wanted to put him together with Phil Moxham from Young Marble Giants and Anton Fier."

Other band members: Ralph Carney, Chris Cutler, John Greaves, Alan Greenblatt, Paul Hamann, Scott Krauss, Allen Ravenstine, Tan Tan and Mayo Thompson.

David Thomas - Sound of the Sand*
*Written by Thomas-Moxham-Thompson

Philip added his signature
dub-inflected bass lines to
this album and received partial
writing credits on “The Birds
Are Good Ideas”,"Big Dreams"
and “Sound of the Sand”.



Everything but the Girl
In 1984, Philip joined Everything but the Girl, who were fronted by Ben Watt & Tracey Thorn (after she had left Marine Girls), and with that group he toured across the world and played on several albums throughout the ’80s.
Everything But The Girl videoclip "Native Land" with Phil Moxham (bass)



EBTG live at Alabamahalle , Munich, Germany (late May 1985)




Phil Moxham played bass on the 1984 12inch: "Native land" and the 1985 album "Love Not Money".

Everything but the Girl had so much success after the album "Eden" that a band had to be formed very quickly for a world tour. Tracy Thorn wrote about it in her book "Bedsit Disco Queen"

Tracy and Ben from Everything But The Girl (with Phil Moxham in the middle) live in De Doelen, Rotterdam, NL 1985 (Photo Jos van Vliet)


Jah Scouse

Stuart and Philip also explored their longtime love of dub and reggae by working with reggae singer Jah Scouse on the 1984 7inch single Merge, which featured a “vegan mix” on side B by This Heat’s Charles Bullen. Released on Better Things Records, produced by Phil Legg (Essential Logic).

Jah Scouse toured Europe with Stuart and Philip Moxham.




Kirby, Alison, Phil, Spike, Ant, Debbie & Dale


Bomb And Dagger - Separate
Recorded for Welsh music programme'Juice'



Debbie Pritchard speaks about her time singing with Cardiff band Bomb & Dagger. Interviewer and producer - Selema Chalabi (The Cardiff Music History- City of Sound exhibition, November 2022)




Bomb and Dagger
The mid-eighties Cardiff band, played heavily African-influenced music.

Bomb & Dagger formed after the Weekend split by Debbie Debris & Spike in 1984 during the miners’ strike and many of the early performances were to raise funds for the striking miners’ families. The earliest line-up (left) featured Alison Statton and Phil and Drew Moxham as well as Kirby Stevens, Dale Reynolds and Anthony Davies. Bomb & Dagger became a popular live act on the jazz circuit, performing regularly at the Brecon Jazz Festival, TV and radio sessions, touring Europe and supporting many top African artists including Hugh Masekela.

Phil & Andrew Moxham played percusion and Alison Statton did the backing vocals.

Bomb and Dagger performed regularly throughout South Wales including the Brecon Jazz Festival before splitting up in 1989 following a gruelling European tour..

Click here for: Bomb and Dagger -'Strike'

The single "Strike" was also the 2nd song (side A) on the 1988 "Peace, Bread and Land"

In this C86 podcast,from October 2020,you can hear Spike's story about Weekend and Bomb and Dagger (and more).





The Good Gazelles

The Good Gazelles was a collaboration between Duncan S. Smith and Andrew Moxham. They appeared with two songs on the compilation cassette with bands from Wales "Enter the Dragon" from 1983.


Click here for The Good Gazelles - Verse & Rhymes
Click here for The Good Gazelles - Nation of Two





The Howling Sleepers

The Howling Sleepers were active during the late 80's and early 90's in Cardiff. They comprised Chris Ridgeway (guitar, vocals & harmonica), Paul Sax (fiddle), the Craddock brothers (guitar and bass) and Drew Moxham (drums). Their music was an infectious and danceable brew of bluegrass and punky americana - Cowpunk perhaps? Often their songs had sad, melancholy, bluesy lyrics; but the melodies were upbeat, cheerful and played at a reckless, breakneck speed. The result was a kind of tongue-in-cheek humourous "life's bad - so let's party!" feeling. The band recorded one album: "Soft Drinks and Snacks" - that captures at least some of the feel of those sweaty, anarchic, live shows. Sadly, the band split in the early 90s - giving rise to other Cardiff roots bands The Vinegar Flies, The Bucket Band, Doofer and lately Cakehole Presley.

The Howling Sleepers busking on Queen Street in Cardiff about 1991  

The Howling Sleepers - Love Love (from the 1988 LP "Soft Drinks & Snacks")





Written By Lloyd,Clement,Rosser and Phil Moxham


2002 Rheidol Records
Released on: 2020-11-20

Bass & Composer : Phil Moxham played Bass on 3 songs and was also composer of these songs.

Rhwng Llyn Syfaddan A Llyn Eiddwen






Phil Moxham in 1981


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