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a song by Deborah Pritchard, Alison Statton, Sian Edwards and Spike

with Alison Statton
on the "Enter the Dragon"
Cardiff compilation cassette (1983)


In creating the Young Marble Giants website, the band 'Bomb and Dagger' found a spot on the Phil and Andrew Moxham page. (scroll down on this page).

Eye-catching in the group photo of 'Bomb and Dagger' was the presence of many famous people from the so-called young marble giants family. Alison Statton was also featured as a backing vocalist. They had released the cassette "Peace, Bread and Land in the late eighties, but Alison did not sing on it.

  Click here to listen to the Bomb and Bagger song "Strike"

I asked Spike if he had a recording of Alison singing.

Spike: 'I think the only recording with Alison (on backing vocals!!!?) is an extremely poor live recording. There's a live radio performance from Geneva with Phil and Drew. I think John Henderson has digital recordings but maybe be Debbie also has something."

Deborah had no live recordings but did remember a (primitive) studio recording with Alison Statton. It was the song "Rebirth" and this song appeared on the compilation cassette "Enter the Dragon" in 1983. A sampler with the Gist, Reptile Ranch (Spike Williams). The Good Gazelles (Duncan Smith with Andrew Moxham).


"There was a collaborative culture going on among the musicians in Cardiff in 1983".(Duncan Smith)

Deborah asked Duncan Smith for a digital version of "Rebirth". "Rebirth" was made by Deborah Pritchard (vocals & a hofner semi accoustic 1963 bass) , Alison Statton (backing vocals), Sian Edwards (drums), Spike played the viola.


Deborah:"I wrote that Alison and i sing on together on Enter the Dragon. A rare all Cardiff, compilation cassette album made in early 80 s. The song i was referring too seems somewhat out dated now... a feminist song about 'each man hold a baby' ... 'our lives are important' that sort of thing"

"If you've listen you will know that it was recorded in a living on quarter inch tape i seem to remember. Before 4 tracks. We had to bounce on 2 track or perhaps Alison and i and poss Sian from the Burpas an art school band sang together on 1 track."

I sent Alison the MP3 of Rebirth I got from Duncan and her response was:
"Id completely forgotten about that song until I heard it again. There was so much going on in Cardiff at that time, with various collaborations between friends, in local bands. It was all quite playful and a natural extension of hanging out together, as well as sharing and exchanging creative and social interests and ideas."


Rebirth was recorded by Spike. I asked Spike if he remembered the recording:
Spike: "The Table Table 'Under a Table Table' recording was made with 2 Akai GX4000 machines to create a fake stereo, essentially double mono recording. The recordings of the feminist tapes were from Marian Street, Splott. It was a melting pot of all kinds of art at the time. Sian Edwards was not only a great drummer but a great artist. I bought one of her prints; I only wish I still had it.'

Spike also responded to this web page on his own Facebook page:
Spike: "That recording certainly exists, in fact I probably have it on my old PC. It was one of a myriad of indie recordings made with artists in Cardiff at the time. Long forgotten groups include Table Table, 2+1, Hymn #33, The Screechbags and even the earliest (I think) live band format of The Gist, though Stuart will probably correct me on that"



Thanks to Duncan S. Smith I also got the first three songs from this 'Enter the Dragon' cassette. Two songs by The Good Gazelles (that's Andrew Moxham & Duncan S. Smith) and one song by The Gist (Stuart Moxham).
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Click here for track 2 The G!st - One Way he  
Click here for track 3 The Good Gazelles - Nation of Two  



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