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#26 songs influenced
by Young Marble Giants




,,,The B52- Deep Sleep

7 inch: The B-52's - Nip It In The Bud / Deep Sleep 1982

Byrne Byrne about this song: We in Talking Heads became friends with the B-52's early on. I produced an album with the B-52's which ended up as an EP [Mesopotamia]. I suspect they came to me because they wanted to experiment a little bit more. Maybe that's why the LP got cut down to an EP - or maybe the other songs weren't up to snuff? My favourite song from that record was Deep Sleep, which sounded like Young Marble Giants gone psychedelic








– Boat

CD: Kibito (2006) Japan
Compare Notes – CN-0011o





- Vénus

7 inch: B side (1982)France
Monsieur Vinyl Records - MVR 01








.Fall of Saigon
- So Long

From the 5 track EP: Fall of Saigon Atem Records 7013 (1983) France








From the 2017 album L'Angle Vivant. SuperBravo is a France band with Armelle Pioline





.....Uncle 3 Balls - untitled 7

Never released track from Niek van Vliet, Gerrit Straathof and Leon Brok (The Hague, NL 1983)






..Keren Ann
- My name is Trouble

Watoo Watoo from France made this remix (2011. This version is a "clin-d'oeil" (wink)to the Young Marble Giants






...Carla dal Forno
-So Much Better

Carla dal Forno is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, currently based in London. This song is from Carla's 3th CD "Look Up Sharp" (2019) on her own 'Kallista Records' label.







...Ms.John Soda
- Elusive

From the CD: Ms.John Soda - No P. or D (Morr Music, Germany, 2002)






...Nite Jewel
- Universal Mind

Taken from Nite Jewel's LP 'Good Evenings' Gloriette Records GL001, US, 2008








- Who's Big And Clever Now

Taken from the Haberdasher E.P. Heaven Records HR06, UK, 1991






...The XX
- Shelter

From the CD "XX". Young Turks Records YT031CDX, 2009






- Frame Of Mind

Danish trio formed in 1981, Aarhus, Denmark
From Cassette "Whispering Sons", released in Denmark by Adselservice(1982).


...Watoo Watoo
-Ne M'oublie Pas

Watoo Watoo is a French indie pop duo. This song is taken from the CD "Une Si Longue Attente" from 2014 (with also a cover of "Searching For Mr Right".








From the 2019 album Sentinelle.SuperBravo is a France band with Armelle Pioline







.Fall of Saigon - Blue Eyes

From the 5 track EP: Fall of Saigon Atem Records 7013 (1983) France





...Ms.John Soda - Done Twice

From the 4 track CD: Drop = Scene Morr Music, Germany 2002
- Nothing II

Taken from the compilation CD Retrospective, UK, 1994




-Wandering Star

Portishead is an English trip hop band formed in 1991 in Bristol. This track is from their debut album 'Dummy'(1994).



.....Uncle 3 Balls
- Untitled 13

Never released track from Niek van Vliet, Gerrit Straathof and Leon Brok (The Hague, NL 1983)








. ..Broadcast - Corporeal

Hailing from Birmingham with Trish Keenan (vocals)and James Cargill (bass). Tender Buttons was released in 2005 on Warp records.





.Indifferent Dance Centre
- Flight and Pursuit

Four piece post-punk outfit from Chichester, West Sussex, who cut one self-produced single, UK, 1981




.....Instant Music - My Boy

Early 80's synth-pop band from Munich, Germany. The singer, Marion Siekmann, was also a member of Ski Und Der Rest.
10 inch on Instand Music (1980)






...Confetti - Jenny

Taken from the compilation CD Retrospective, UK, 1994



- Bambi Slaughter

Kurts Home Demo taken from the CD Nirvana "Outcesticide IV Rape of the Vaults". Unofficial Release on Darkside Records (DSS CD 006) 2003



Philip Frobos - Vague Enough to Satisfy (Upset the Rhythm)

Omni frontman Philip Frobos
has made a soundtrack to his own debut novel, including Steely Dan and Rolling Stones covers (2021)





Podcast with bands influenced in various degree by YMG...

Ian Forth from Melbourne, Australia, made a nice podcast on March,15 2023 on Soundcloud (Episode 130)for his sombrero fallout podcasts series.




-Brand new life -Young Marble Giants
-So long - Fall of Saigon
-My name is trouble - Keren Ann
-The rip - Portishead
-Credit in the straight world - Young Marble Giants
-A nod on hold - Ms John Soda
-Tears in the typing pool - Broadcast
-Smoke and mirrors - The Magnetic Fields
-Choci loni - Young Marble Giants
-Ne m’oublie pas - Watoo Watoo
-Three women - Stereolab
-Season of the shark - Yo La Tengo
-Constantly changing - Young Marble Giants
-Fool - Frankie Cosmos
-Red hot cheetos - Clairo
-True killer - Sneaks
-Final day - Young Marble Giants





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